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About YCC Group

Shanghai donglong clothing co., LTD., formerly known as Shanghai donglong zipper manufacturing co., LTD. (one of the most complete manufacturers in the zipper and garment accessories industry in China). The company in 1995 from fujian province to Shanghai, just a few years, has gradually realized the development by leaps and bounds, and in 2000 in pudong nanhui industrial park built a new factory ---- Shanghai donglong clothing co., LTD. Subsequently, the company has invested to establish four zipper accessories and equipment enterprises, including Shanghai Donglong Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangyi Co., Ltd., Shanghai Faofao Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Donglong Components Co., Ltd. At the end of 2004, YCC Group was established in Hong Kong, China.

With UKAS international quality system certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification and the most authoritative Switzerland Oeko-Tex.Standard 100 class I environmental protection ecological product certification, YCC zipper won the "national inspection free products. "China Well-known Trademark" title. Donglong is the leading series of products, has been in most countries and regions in the world to implement the registration.

In order to meet the needs of the internationalization of the product market, Donglong has introduced international zipper testing standards such as ASTM, D2061, BS3084, GLS, etc. Stringent quality testing has ensured the reputation of Donglong products. Therefore, the company has obtained the certificate of measurement qualification in Shanghai, and since 2001, it has been awarded the title of "Shanghai famous brand products" for four consecutive years. At the same time, the company has been awarded "Shanghai Famous Trademark", "Shanghai Quality Trustworthy Enterprise" and so on.

The company has the industry's most advanced testing center, and the ITS qualified review. The center is equipped with a fully automatic computer test system, which can accurately test the zipper performance indicators. Including various strength, torsion, lightness, twist, water fastness, load pull, color, color fastness and so on. In order to meet the needs of market internationalization, the company has introduced ASTM-D2061, BS3084, JIS and other international zipper testing standards.